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Earth Sisters was established in 1997.

Yvonne Gemmell knows all too well what it means to have grown up with severe skin allergies, which is why she is mindful of what she puts on her skin.

Having been raised on a farm, she was immediately connected with nature and learned much on the importance of natural and pesticide free foods.  This ongoing knowledge became her passion for mixing organic blends and creating pure natural products.

In 2008 Yvonne was diagnosed with Cancer.  During the treatment stage she started creating a range of Certified Organics.  Around this same time her daughter Penny was pregnant and wanted Yvonne to formulate a blend for stretch marks using organic ingredients.

With Yvonne‚Äôs radiation burns and surgery scars, it seemed a wise idea to make up an Oil which encompassed both skin problems.  The blend was then tested on Yvonne and Penny with incredible results!   Hence the birth of Organic Skin Oil.

Till this day, Earth Sisters remain at the forefront of using Certified Organic blends with the creation of other exquisite products added to their range such as the Organic Nail Oil, the Botanical Body Scrub and Botanical Hand Lotion sourced predominantly from Australian Organic Farms.

Earth Sisters are at the testing stage of more naturally innovative and exciting products to be launched later on in the year.

Yvonne is still living at her farm in Coomba Bay where she spends her time experimenting with rare and exotic extracts while also cultivating her own medicinal herbs for use in forthcoming products.

Earth Sisters

Earth Sisters skin care products and essential oils are free from harmful chemicals. They are both healthy for your body and your environment.


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