Organic Skin Oil 50ml

Organic Skin Oil 50ml

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Organic Skin Oil

Discover the Power of Nature with Certified Organic, Skin Oil

74.9% certified ingredients sourced from the finest organic farmers

A conditioning skin care product that is rich in natural goodness, used daily in aiding the skin with oils that traditionally have been used for 1000’s of years.

It is a blend that includes only ingredients that have a traditional history of use. *The traditional knowledge of some ingredients are listed below for educational purposes. All other ingredients in Organic Skin Oil have similar properties so please refer to “ingredients” for more information:

Certified Organic Rosehip Oil: Is well known to promote skin health in rejuvenating mature or damaged skin. It is a wild rose, cultivated by ancient Romans, Greeks, Persians, Egyptians and South Americans and used for food, healing and skin care.

Certified Organic Carrot extract: Has a high content of Beta-carotene known to aid in improving the complexion, said to have originated in Afghanistan, it was used by the Greeks and Romans in food, healing and skin care.

Certified Organic Comfrey extract: Its history dates from 50AD when Dioscorides’ Materia Medica prescribed it to heal broken bones and wounds. Lately it has been used for its content of Allantoin that may aid in new skin cellular growth.

Certified Organic Frankincense essential oil history in the Middle East and China dates back to 1500 BC where it was used in medicine to treat most health conditions including skin care where it was found to have a beneficial effect on the circulation.

This traditional knowledge may help the skin to act against redness, dryness, signs of ageing, sun and environmental damage and may reduce the appearance of marks on the skin

For all skin types, for baby from 6 weeks (diluted), before, during, and after pregnancy (all trimesters!)

NO Mineral Oil, NO Palm Oil, NO Preservatives. NO Parabens

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