Botanical Scrub

Botanical Scrub

Gentle Face & Body Scrub to leave your skin feeling cleansed, balanced & silky smooth

Carefully crafted botanical skin care formula to incorporate the best healing properties that nature has to offer

Anti-microbial Laurie Acid from Coconuts gentle and tvigorating skin cleanser fighting fungi and bacteria, strong healing properties to help with dry skin problems such as eczema and psoriasis

Gentle exfoliant Lactic Acid from milk to cleanse, and its humectant properties to keep skin soft and moist

Powerful antioxidant Squalene from olives enhancing the elasticity of the skin by moisturising and hydrating

Australia's own essential oils to boost skins health aiding in its protection

NO Mineral Oil, NO Palm Oil, NO Preservatives. NO Parabens

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Botanical Coconut & Olive Scrub 250ml
Botanical Coconut & Olive Scrub Gentle Face & Body Scrub to leave your skin feeling c..
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Earth Sisters

Earth Sisters skin care products and essential oils are free from harmful chemicals. They are both healthy for your body and your environment.


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